Good morning, or afternoon, or evening, whenever you're reading this. I'm trying to make a habit of writing more, and I wasn't sure what exactly to write today. But I thought to myself maybe it doesn't matter so much what exactly I write about. After all, this is a blog, not an essay, not a book.

Well speaking of blogs, so far everything on this little capsule has been only on gemini, but I decided to throw the rest of the internet a bone and set up a copy of this on the web side of things. I did already have a web server going for a few things. So I hacked together a quick and dirty perl script to convert everything to html. It's not pretty, but gets the job done, mostly. Enough for my needs anyway. Though I suppose the advantage of gemini's sparse formatting is that even a quick and dirty approach gets you ninety percent of the way there.

Okay let's see what else. I'm experimenting with dictation software. If my writing gets more rambly you can probably blame that. Because when you're talking out loud you can kind of just go on, get distracted chatting and stringing the sentences together. Talking takes less effort than typing,and so you can get away with being a lot less deliberate (at least on the production side of things, I know you, my audience, would not appreciate that too much). Of course while it works well for getting the bulk of a text out it does require an awful lot of cleanup. Especially in the punctuation department. It's possible to do the punctuation out loud,but it feels really unnatural. Or maybe I'm just not used to it, not used to saying stop all the time like a telegram.

I think I'm going to end it here. Another thing I'm not used here in regards to the dictation is speaking continuously for so long. My throat is starting to get quite sore. It is time, I think, to go and have my evening cup of tea.