For Here To There

Do you ever have one of those days where you just can't figure out how to start a post? This is one for me. Blogs are cool. I like blogs. I mean both web blogs and gemlogs of course. Most likely anyone reading these words will agree with me in wanting to curate an experience of the internet made more of small, weird sites.

I mirror this gemlog to the web. It will never have much reach, I know, but knowing that is at least theoretically visible to the world makes it feel a little less like yelling into the void. I do still find it helpful to keep gemini first in mind when writing though. I'm too lazy to look up the posts, but I recall some discussion a few months ago lamenting the possibility of Gemini being a community, because that would mean that it had failed at being a network, and was instead only an insular little group. A secret club, rather than an alternative to the web. Even so, I find it helpful to think of Gemini people as my audience when I write. Gemspace is a much more focused subset of people than the "everyone" of the open web. The downside, I suppose, is the occasional bit of lost context when responding to some discussion going on in Gemspace. But I can live with that. Especially since my gemini server gets more traffic anyway.